Marino Restrepo – A Catholic Conversion Story

Marino Restrepo is a world lay missionary who has been preaching the Gospel message all over the world for over ten years. He works in full obedience to his Bishop and non secular confessor and is in full communion with Christ’s vicar on earth in his prophetic teachings which is a crucial and important signal of the Holy Spirit’s presence at work in his ministry Monstruos Marinos.

Marino was commissioned by Jesus himself throughout a Palm Sunday Eucharist to exit and to inform the entire world about his mystical conversion expertise and the infused revelations that got to him at the moment. Marino is a honest prophet of God, who will not be making an attempt to reinvent the wheel however who preaches the Gospel and specifically the Gospel of Jesus crucified as the one real path to salvation. That is much more outstanding as for over thirty years Marino was concerned within the New Age motion and believed in lots of pagan philosophies.

Talking from an ample treasure trove of infused data, Marino is asking all folks, all Christians and fellow Catholics to ‘get up’ and to appreciate the seriousness of the final of the tip occasions that we live in for the salvation of souls. Marino lets the cat out of the bag so far as sin and new variations of weakened Christianity are involved and he challenges those that hear him to alter their lives and are available nearer to the God of purity, peace and reality. He appeals tirelessly for repentance and conversion to the Lord throughout the Church and his cries have been blessed with many fruitful conversions and likewise vocations.

The essence of Marino’s name is that each one believers should now rise up and be counted because the Heavenly Jerusalem is making her descent as the attractive Bride of Christ, ‘I noticed the Holy Metropolis, the brand new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, ready as a bride superbly dressed for her husband’. (Rev 21:2-Three)

Marino’s Conversion Story

Marino skilled a profound Pauline conversion expertise throughout which all of the New Age and pagan philosophies which he had believed in for practically thirty years fell like scales from his eyes. Throughout this mystical expertise which lasted all evening lengthy, Marino was led by Jesus and Mary to a profound understanding of the nice love and forgiveness the Creator of the Universe has for his creatures.

Marino additionally realized to his utter amazement that God was not a life power or cosmic pressure however a dwelling being and that Jesus was each God and man. By means of this expertise, Marino’s reincarnation beliefs have been actually turned on their head and he was given a complete understanding that man dies solely as soon as after which there’s the actual judgment of his earthly life straight after dying.

Marino Restrepo, a resident of California was born within the Andes mountains of Colombia within the 1950’s as half of a big Catholic espresso rising household. Throughout a household go to to his residence city in Colombia, in 1997, on the age of 47, Marino was kidnapped by Colombian guerrillas who demanded a ransom for his life. Marino was held captive for six months throughout which he endured nice struggling however was then miraculously let loose by the guerrillas, after his ransom was paid.

Throughout his time of imprisonment, Marino virtually died and as an alternative of dying, he underwent a profound, life altering mystical expertise by technique of prolonged revelations regarding the afterlife.

Marino was given a whole illumination, an enlightening of his conscience which concerned seeing his complete life replayed earlier than him, all his sins and any good he had ever performed. He additionally noticed how his actions had affected others, how he had by no means beloved anybody unselfishly and the results of his sins and omissions to do good on this planet.

Marino had deserted the Catholic religion on the age of 14 and to fill the void he had embraced many pagan, power therapeutic and New Age philosophies through the 1960’s free love decade. He himself says this was a entice to ensnare him in superstition and worry for the remainder of his life as devil feeds on worry.

Enlightened by God regarding his abandonment of the Catholic religion, his giving up of the Sacrament of Reconciliation, his disobedience to the legal guidelines of God and his committing of great sin, Marino noticed clearly in a non secular means the invisible realities we reside with day-after-day of our lives however are merely unaware of. We’re informed of these items within the Gospels and Scriptures however we regularly ignore or overlook them. Marino is a prophet despatched again by God to remind us powerfully of those essential and important everlasting realities.

Visions of Hell

Throughout his mystical conversion expertise Marino was given a whole illumination of conscience which revealed to him the sinful state of his soul. Due to this fact when God’s voice and presence let itself be felt Marino felt unable to bear the purity of Gods. Gods presence burned him and Marino says he felt his soul instinctively fly into the darkness. It was at that time Marino explains that he discovered his soul hurtling downwards in direction of hell.

That is paying homage to the dream St John Bosco was given on the evening of April 18th 1868 when he was given a fantastic warning dream for others and allowed to comply with a path that sloped inextricably downwards till he discovered himself falling headlong into the caverns of hell.

When Marino reached hell he was in utter astonishment as he had refused to consider within the existence of hell while he had been dwelling on earth and had even argued with Christians that it merely did not exist!

Throughout his time in hell, Marino was proven many damned souls with their varied sins and understood many issues there. Marino was given to grasp the completely different hierarchies of demons who have been fallen angels that had energy over sure damned souls which corresponded to their ranges and kinds of sin.

The phrases of St John Vianney spring to thoughts right here, ‘We should always carry out our penance (right here on earth) overwhelmed with pleasure at having the ability to fulfill God, whom now we have offended and at discovering such a simple technique of effacing our sins which ought to have earned everlasting sufferings for us.’

Sin is an everlasting offence towards God and has an everlasting punishment except it’s handled on earth by repentance, which is popping again to God, saying sorry and doing acts of penance.

When the mom of Jesus, Mary, appeared to a few youngsters in 1917 at Fatima she confirmed them hell. Sr Lucia, one of many youngsters, described the imaginative and prescient, ‘we now have been capable of behold a sea of fireside. Plunged on this flame have been devils and souls that seemed like clear embers.’

Mary then stated, ‘You see hell, the place the souls of poor sinners go. As a way to save them God needs to determine on this planet devotion to my Immaculate Coronary heart. In the event you do what I let you know many souls shall be saved.’

Christ’s Mystical Physique On Earth-The Church

Marino was additionally proven many visions of Heaven and purgatory and was given a outstanding reward of infused data in regards to the Christian religion, the Church which is Christ’s Bride and in regards to the energy of the holy sacraments of the Church such because the Eucharist and the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

Marino was given to grasp the highly effective and sensible position Mary performs in our non secular lives. She is the mediatrix of grace to us and our very personal non secular mom. Mary prays and intercedes for us earlier than God always and wishes that each one her youngsters be saved. Mary is our umbilical twine to God, the supply of all graces which God grants us whether or not we’re conscious of Mary or not. We don’t worship Mary in contravention of the primary and biggest commandment however we ask Mary for her motherly assist and intercession along with her Son, who’s God.

Being baptized as a Christian, Marino was informed, was an amazing privilege as we’re made a part of Christ’s mystical physique on earth, a part of the Lord’s military. Nonetheless this super privilege carries with it superior duties to assist souls and to not ignore our non secular calling on this life which is to develop into Saints!

Marino’s Mission and Ministry

The prophetic preaching of Marino Restrepo has been welcomed globally in universities, colleges, seminaries, convents and monasteries from Austria to Venezuela. Mom Teresa used to say that individuals are spiritually ravenous and Marino is searching for to name consideration to this truth.

Marino has been very fruitful in his missions and the lay affiliation of the ‘Pilgrims of Love’ has been born as a consequence to unfold and research the prophetic message. The Pilgrims of Love has a rising youth ministry to assist the younger, the way forward for the Church, to develop sturdy and to make use of their presents in holiness of thoughts and physique.

Marino has produced many books, CDs and DVDs that are extraordinarily enlightening, nourishing and likewise difficult. His preaching is predicated solely on the Gospels, Scripture and Sacred Custom deposited in all its fullness within the Catholic Church.

Ignorance will not be bliss after we are contemplating the message of everlasting life and the salvation of souls. Marino’s prophetic preaching is a get up name to the world and to Christians in every single place to develop into the Saints we’re referred to as to be. We aren’t engaged within the struggle alone, Jesus offers us his power and energy by his grace and thru the Sacraments.


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