Do You Know Why My Dog Eats Grass?

Your outside with your dog, it is a nice summer day, the grass is very green and your enjoying this time with your dog. Then you see your dog eating grass, and you ask yourself, why dogs have pears or “Why is he/she eating the grass?”

Dogs’ ancestors were scavengers as well as hunters. For example, if they couldn’t catch their prey they would have to eat what ever they could scavenge up, dead or alive, fresh or spoiled, buried or rotting in the sun. From this came the understanding that dogs were not as good as hunting as other animals and thus they have evolved to be non-picky eaters. Okay, eating vegetation becomes part of their diet.

Dogs are just like humans to a degree, we crave certain things that our body calls for, and so does a dog. Our pets are omnivores and even when we give them good balanced dog food, they still have a craving for greens. Dogs like other green vegetables such as spinach or broccoli.

One of the things that is often noticed about dog’s grass eating habits is that dogs often vomit when they eat grass. Again, our pets have an instinct to eat what will help them feel good. Maybe they have an upset stomach; they eat grass to settle this problem. Scientist have learned that healthy dogs do not throw up the grass and they also eat differently.

They will nibble the grass and eat it slowly, whereas a dog with an upset stomach will eat it very fast in order to assist in the problem quickly. This wolfing down the grass causes a tickling sensation in the stomach causing them to vomit.

Lets face it we need fiber in our diet and so do our pet dogs. Remember to feed them fiber when you can to assist in this process. Switch your dog (mountain shepherd dog puppy) to a more expensive dog food which has more fiber in it, offer them some cooked green veggies.

Dogs have been eating grass fiber and leaves for decades so it is normal and don’t be upset or concerned. You should be concerned if you have treated your lawn with insecticides or fertilizers or any other type of chemical treatment. Sometime the chemical is not a long lasting one but you still should be careful with your pet who you love dearly.

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